#83 and #87 Get Colours Done & Find a red lipstick to suit me

main_ultimategpYesterday I went and had my “colours done”  It was something I’d always fancied doing and never really got around to.  My mum & dad kindly bought me a voucher for a colour analysis for Christmas so I booked up and went along.  Jill (my consultant) was lovely.  Really friend & chatty.  And not too scarily matching either!  She worked out that I was “Cool” (I would think that goes without saying 😉 ) and that my secondary element was soft.  This means that I can wear black (yipee!) but navy & charcoal look much better.  Teal is *my* colour and I can wear hot pinks too.  There are no yellows, oranges or browns in my colour palette.  No sludgy greens and only 1 kind of red.  But lots of blues, greys, greens & pinks.  I was really happy with my selection and it was a relief that I don’t have to wear mustard!  (Apparently very few people suit mustard).

Jill also did me some make-up.  Tinted moisturiser is amazing!  And she showed me how to put on blusher which I’ve never used.  We then moved onto lipstick.  I don’t suit reds 😦  She said if I was desperate to wear red lipstick then I would have to get a blue-red but that I’d look much better in a pinky/plum colour.  Which she showed me and I have to concede – it did look much better.  So I don’t have a red lipstick but it’s as red as I’m going to get!  I just have to get used to wearing something that bright!

All in all it was a great morning and well worth doing.  I would definitely recommend the process and Jill in particular.  I am now fully-armed ready to clear out my wardrobe and go shopping!


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