Day 81 – #35 begun and #36 Take 101 photos

malcolm pedro DSC_0164

I have finally been brave enough to start using our new camera.  That sounds like a strange thing to say.  But I am not a photo person.  I don’t like having my picture taken and I don’t like intruding on others to take their picture either.  So this is quite a challenge for me!  I think I might develop a passion for landscapes…. 🙂

Anyway, I’m trying to get over the fear of taking the camera with me.  My newest niece Penny is the perfect excuse for this so I might end up with a LOT of pictures up here.  So my first offerings for this challenge are these three.  The first two are my attempt at “arty” shots of the dogs.  (I have a couple of action pictures but haven’t uploaded them yet- I will do so at some point).  These were taken in colour but look better in black and white.  Actually getting Malcolm to stand still was a mission on its own, without trying to get him to look at me too!  The third is a picture of Penny at two days old.  She is absolutely tiny, which you can’t really get from the picture, but she is.  This was one of the few I took that didn’t have her squinting at the flash!

I hope that by posting these as I go along there will be some improvement in the quality of my photos.  We shall see…..


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