Day 111 – #8 Watch a film for each year of my life – 2 more watched

great perfectI’ve lumped these two in together even though I watched them at some distance apart.  That is for two reasons. Firstly, I don’t want to be writing loads of posts all at once again and secondly because I didn’t like either of them much so it’s going to be pretty short!

So, starting with Great Expectations – I did.  I had high hopes.  It had a great cast, I know the story and it has brilliant reviews.  But by God, it dragged!  Lots was missed out from the book (obviously) which made the whole first part of the film a bit weird and disjointed.  Mark hasn’t read the book so had no idea what was going on at all.  I didn’t like H B-C as Miss Havisham.  It seemed almost comical.  I also didn’t like Pip much.  Or Estella (but I didn’t like her in the book either – I don’t think you are supposed to).  It was all a bit odd.  Some bits dragged, others were glossed over and made light of.  And then the ending was changed altogether which annoyed me.  Very disappointing.  Ralph Fiennes was good as Magwitch and I loved the guy who played Herbert.  He was great 🙂

Perfect Sense.  What a strange old film that was!  The two main characters met each other while the world was contracting a strange virus that wiped out the senses one by one.  The point of the film (I think) was to see how humans would adapt to these changes (if at all) and basically what is the meaning of life.  It was quite interesting but not hugely cheering.  We decided to watch an episode of Benidorm afterwards to cheer ourselves up.  Unfortunately for us it was the episode where Mel died.  So that didn’t exactly work….!

So far, this challenge is not going well!


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