Day 160 – #8 Watch a film for each year of my life


Mark groaned when we opened up the envelope from Lovefim and this film dropped out.  He hates period dramas.  Unfortunately for him, it was his idea that I put a load of British films on my list so he has to put up with it!  We originally took this away on the boat with us to watch.  But we fell asleep after about 20 mins so that didn’t work.  It then sat on the side in the living room for another 3 weeks before we got around to watching it.  I actually really enjoyed it.  I thought Cate Blanchett was very good as Elizabeth and I loved Kathy Burke’s Mary.  Given that it’s based on actual history there was never going to be anything new in it but it was nice to see the earlier years of Elizabeth’s life, before she became a bit of tyrant!  I’d happily watch this again (now I know who all the people are…) but I can’t say the same for Mark 🙂


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