Day 161 – #7 Complete The Big Read Top 100 Books

katherineI downloaded this book on to my kindle some time ago, not having any idea what it was about.  The version I have doesn’t have a helpful, period-design cover so I had no clues at all.  Briefly, it’s about John o Gaunt falling in love with Lady Katherine Swynford and the trials & tribulations surrounding their partnership.  Sounds a bit dull?  It isn’t.  It’s a very engaging read, right from the start.  I’ve read quite a few historical novels, mainly set in Tudor times so to read something about the Plantagenets was quite refreshing.  Although, again it reinforced my opinion that living at court must have been a pretty stressful environment, albeit comfortable.

This was a great book and I will definitely be looking to see if she’s written any others.  Not many left to go now…..


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