Day 181 – #55 Build a sandcastle

photo On one of our day trips to the beach we decided that we would build a sandcastle.  I haven’t done this since I was a child but Mark was all for it.  We bought a couple of buckets & spades from a tat shop in the harbour and set off to pick a likely spot.  As you can see, we were slightly in shade but that was probably not a bad thing.  We started by marking out the area and creating a moat.  Easier said than done when the sand you are digging is full of little stones and your spade is made of very flimsy plastic!  And when you have a very nosy, clumsy dog (Malcolm!)

After that we started to do the ramparts.  As you can see, Mark got bored quite quickly  and just set them in any old how.  I, on the otherhand, made sure mine were placed close together as to deter intruders!  We made the path up to the keep from the many, many stones we’d dug out and placed our little flags.  For the finishing touch we tried to fill the moat.  Not only did we have the world’s smallest buckets, but by the time we’d got to the sea to fill them, the last load had drained into the sand!  Oh well, it still looked good!

And we kept all the kids entertained on the beach – watching the weirdo adults building a sandcastle!!  Happy days 🙂


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