Day 181 – #8 Watch a film for each year of my life


We have had this film kicking around for, ooh it’s got to be over a month!  Yet another film that Mark opened and sighed with disappointment.  Another British movie from my list.  However, it did have Jim Broadbent in it, which was the one redeeming feature as far as Mark was concerned.  Mine was that it was only 90 minutes long.  I like a nice short film!

So, to the film itself.  The basic story is that Colin Firth’s dad (Jim) is dying and he travels back to the family home to be with him during his final days.  In this time we see flashbacks from his childhood and see parts of his dad’s behaviour that has bothered Colin for his whole life.  He attempts to address these secrets and make sense of them.  Sounds a bit dreary?  Surprisingly, it isn’t.  It did make me cry though 😦  There were funny moments (mainly from Jim) and poignant moments from Colin’s younger self and a good sense of closure at the end.  I don’t think I’d watch it again, but it was good.


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