Day 196 – #65 Get a quote for the patio

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????This was a bit of an odd one to put on my list really.  How hard is it to get a quote?  Well actually, it’s pretty tricky.  Tradesmen don’t seem to be in too much of a hurry to actually do work and finding some to come out that aren’t complete wastrels, shysters or just plain idiots is a challenge indeed.  Plus, we’ve been here 7 years already and haven’t managed it!  So, I thought if I put it on my list then it might actually get done.

Thanks to an act of amazing generosity from my parents (love you mum & dad!) we actually now have some funds to pay for it to be done too!  So that transformed the challenge from “ooh I wonder what it would cost” to “Oh my god we could actually have a patio!”

So, we contacted a couple of local people and got a couple out.  One lot couldn’t have been nicer.  Totally positive, cheerful, friendly, full of solutions and professional.  The other a rude, arrogant, negative and difficult individual who came up with more problems than solutions. I don’t really think I need to point out which ones we invited to do the job…. (although I can tell you who to avoid!)

So all being well, we should have a new patio by the end of the Autumn.  Which is mad!  And exciting!  And nerve-wracking!  And busy making – we are clearing the whole site before they get to work.  Here are a few “before” pictures of the area and I *cannot wait* to be posting after pics 🙂

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