Day 196 – #8 Watch a film for each year of my life

apolloI know what you’re thinking.  Bloody hell, another film already!  I know!  However, the difference is that I didn’t really want to watch this whereas Mark was quite happy when this dropped on the doormat.  Not really my cup of tea at all and I can’t stand Tom Hanks normally.  I find him smugger than a smug thing wearing a big, fat smug smile.  So I wanted to get it over with ASAP.  We were still whacked out from our gardening exploits on saturday so settled down early to watch this.

All I knew about this was that it was about space.  And it had smug Tom Hanks in it.  I had a vague suspicion it was about the moon landing.  Mark told me it wasn’t.  It pretty much was!  But it was more interesting than that.  I loved the way they were having to come up with solutions on the ground and the fact it was set in the 60s gave it plenty of scope for bad haircuts & clothing 🙂  Aside from such frivolity it was a good film.  And Tom Hanks wasn’t even that smug in it.  And Bill Paxton was pretty tasty too.  So all in all, not too much of an ordeal.


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