Day 208 – #33 Cook 50 New Recipes

Bacon & Cabbage salad So, after the success of my first 3 Hemsley & Hemsley recipes I felt encouraged to try a few more.  We invited my mum & dad round for a barbecue last weekend and I decided to make this salad to accompany the meat (there was a lot of meat!).  This rather lurid looking bowl contains red cabbage, red onion, bacon, apple, walnuts and a basic dressing of olive oil, lemon juice and honey.  My dad & Mark aren’t really salad-y type folk.  However they both agreed to try it, just to humour me I think.  Both were *very* surprised to find that they liked it a lot!  I was too.  It’s another bloody lovely salad.  So much so that mum even emailed me for the recipe the following day.  AND Mark requested it again today.  So, I think that definitely qualifies as a good result.

Courgette friesThe second dish was also from my H&H book and was their courgette fries.  Normally if Mark has a carby accompaniment to his meal, I’m quite happy to just have the veg.  But I saw these “fries” in the book and thought I’d try them out.  They were a bit of a faff to make.  Strips of courgette, dipped in beaten egg, then dipped in a mixture of ground almonds & parmesan cheese and then baked in the oven.  I think I probably should have made them thinner, or cooked them for longer as they weren’t particularly crispy.  But they were tasty and it did make a nice change.

So far, no dud recipes.  This book rocks!



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