Day 272 – #19 Go to the cinema 5 times

inbetweeners 2 posterTo celebrate our birthdays, me and my lovely friend Lucy decided to go to the cinema in Bath.  We’ve not been out on our own for god knows how long so I was really looking forward to it.  We met up at Bath station and went for a bite to eat in Nando’s first.  My first Nando’s experience and it was actually quite nice!  I’d been out for lunch so just had chicken wings but they were lush.  The rest of the menu looked ok too so will have to go back at some point to try something else…

After that we went off to the cinema.  We’d arranged to watch The Inbetweeners 2 having both watched the first one and liked it.  The film was a little disappointing.  Some bits of it were very funny but sadly they were well overshadowed by the crude and downright tedious longer sections of the film.  Jay’s introductory monologue went on for far, far too long.  The irritating bint from the campsite drove me mad and what the hell happened to Carly?!  She was really nice in the first film but suddenly turned into a bunny boiler.  Very odd.

As I said, there were some funny parts but I wouldn’t bother to watch it again.  And probably wouldn’t recommend it either.  Which is a real shame.

After that we went to Graze for a quick drink before departing for home.  A lovely evening that needs to be repeated soon!


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