Day 272 – #29 Go out for 12 meals

By “Go out for 12 meals”  I mean kind of “occasion” meals, rather than just stumbling-into-Pizza Express-after-hitting-the pub-straight-after-work-and-having-had-no-dinner-type-of-meals.  That would be too easy and would have been over by now 😀

So, first “occasion meal” was 2 weekends ago.  We all went to JR’s Global Buffet in Swindon for Declan’s 12th birthday.  I know!  12 already.  Almost a teenager – doesn’t bear thinking about.  We got the train over so didn’t have to worry about drinking/not drinking/ driving/ parking etc.  I’ve never been to the global buffet before but have heard all about it.  The set up actually works really well, in that they have a “station” filled with various starters (spring rolls, duck, chicken wings etc), a station for chinese main courses, a station for Thai main courses and I think there was an Indian one too.  They had a sushi bar and a teriyaki grill, neither of which I went to.  Then there was a dessert station complete with chocolate fountain!  Even for a fuss-pot like me there was a large selection that I could eat.  And of course, being a help yourself buffet, it meant that you could try just a tiny bit to see if you liked it first!  It was a lovely evening which was in no way marred by the days of upset stomach that followed….  well, maybe a bit 😀  Would definitely recommend it for a group meal though as it worked really well.

Our second “occasion meal” was the following weekend.  It was Shirley & Martyn’s birthday (yep, it’s on the same day) on the Monday so we took them and Mandy, Meghan & Tyler out for Sunday lunch.  We wanted to go somewhere we’d not been before and settled on the Catherine Wheel in Marshfield.  Wow, Marshfield is pretty!  I’ve never been there before, only whizzed past on the way to Bath.  But it’s lovely.  Very similar to Lacock & Corsham in style.  And we drove past 2 nice looking pubs before we go to ours….!

Our table was booked for 1.30 and on arrival were told that there was no roast beef already!  Major disappointment.  Still, they had plenty of other things on offer so we made our choices and ordered.  A full hour later our mains arrived!  I’ve no idea why it took quite so long as the pub wasn’t busy.  But the food looked and tasted great and there was plenty of it.  Martyn and I had the roast pork.  Mandy & the kids went for the roast chicken and Shirley went for the roast lamb.  All of which were accompanied by lots of fresh, well-cooked veg, roast potatoes and a huge yorkshire pudding.  Mark (sulking over the beef slightly) opted for fish pie which he said was delicious.  We then had a selection of puddings which took another 40 minutes to produce.  It was far, far too long to wait.  The restaurant was empty and we’d gone off the idea by the time it finally arrived.  Having said that, they were lush too!

The food really was lovely but the service let it down badly.  When a place is packed you expect to wait, but 40 minutes for some cheesecake or ice-cream in an empty restaurant?!  Not acceptable.  I’d like to go back, maybe for a saturday lunch or something to give them a second chance.



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