Day 272 – An apology

Sorry, sorry, sorry.  I know I said I’d post more regularly on this blog but it just hasn’t happened.  The last few months have been absolutely manic, both at work and at home.  We have been working like demons to get the patio ready for the landscapers.  They have been and gone and the patio looks fabulous!

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As well as that we have been out on the boat and come back with a huge long list of things we want to do to improve things.  We’ve decided not to sell as we had such a great few days.  We just need to make the effort to get out more.  Now we’ve lost Jake and the chooks that *should* be easier to manage.  Although from now until Christmas is completely stacked out with prior engagements.  Hey ho!  We are also preparing the dining room ready for plastering in November and Malcolm has just had two operations!  So things have been a little hectic.

Anyway, enough of all that.  I have a few updates for you and will try and keep on top of this.  Happy reading 🙂


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