Day 285 – #17 Go to the theatre

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A week ago last Sunday I went to the theatre with my Mum and my sisters to see Riverdance in Bristol.  I’ve seen it before (in Dublin) but the others had only ever seen the recording.  I was very excited to be going again, keen to see how it would differ from my first experience.  In the main, it was excellent.  The dancing was brilliant, as always.  The music was at it’s haunting best; the fiddler was fantastic and made me feel wholly inadequate.  The piper wasn’t great but the percussionist more than made up for that!

I particularly liked the Russian dancing and don’t remember that from the Dublin performance.  Mark said he didn’t remember it either so whether we are both very forgetful or if it wasn’t in it, I’m not sure.

It was really interesting to see Ciara Sexton as the lead dancer too, having seen her progress through the competitions at the Worlds & All Ireland Champs to a career as Riverdance lead was quite cool.

All in all it was a great evening and really nice to go out”just girls” for a change.


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