Day 285 – #29 Go out for a meal

dining-620x428On Saturday night we went to The Old Manor Hotel, just outside Bradford on Avon, with Laura, Luke and Katie to sample some dishes for Laura’s upcoming wedding.  The idea being that we chose 3 dishes to be served in the evening.  (This picture is where we sat for our tasting – right in front of the fire, perfect!)  We sampled Chicken Curry (I didn’t eat this one – good job as it was very, very hot!), Lamb & Bean stew, Beef & Chorizo stew, Chicken & Cider stew and Beef Lasagne.  The food was all excellent actually.  Really tasty and rich.  Laura & Luke decided on the Beef, Chicken & lasagne which were my three favourites.  I just hope I have room left after the 3 course wedding breakfast to try some later on…!  After that we sampled three of the home-made ice-cream flavours that were on offer.  We had mint chocolate (which Laura & I like but no-one else), Ferrero Rocher (Luke & Mark liked this one best) and Peach & Brioche which we all loved – it tasted like Archers!

We had a thoroughly pleasant evening and got a sneaky peak of the wedding venue too.  It looks super and I can’t wait for the big day 🙂



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