Day 285 – #8 Watch a film for each year of my life

ghostOk, ok.  I am probably the only person my age to have NOT seen Ghost.  Particularly those of the female variety.  However, I hadn’t up until now.  I took the opportunity of being off sick to finally watch this one.  (Another that has been hanging around from LoveFilm for weeks).

I hadn’t expected it to be quite so funny.  Lord Patrick of Swayze is quite the comedic actor once he gets going.  Particularly the scenes with Whoopi Goldberg.  The CD had a few jumpy bits so I’m not quite sure how the assassin met his death (it skipped to him lying in the road so I assume he got run over?!) but was glad to see the end of him.  I don’t get all the hype around the potters wheel bit.  Vay cheesy in my opinion, rather than touching.  However, the one thing I definitely didn’t expect was to tear up at the end of it.  I must be going soft in my old age….

A fairly enjoyable film that I can now say that I have seen.  That’s about as far as it goes 🙂


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