Day 354 – #8 Watch a film for each year of my life

Again, it’s been a long time since I update my blog and I can only apologise.  November & December have been a complete whirlwind of social engagements & working on the dining room (which sadly still isn’t finished 😦 )

But I thought I really ought to update with the few things that I have managed to get ticked off.  Beginning with the films as these are an ongoing challenge.

So firstly….. An Officer and a Gentleman

officeWhat a load of old rubbish this film is!  Mark refused to watch it so I put it on one evening when he was at skittles.  It’s poor, very dated and so cliched it’s unreal.  Richard Gere is highly unbelievable as is the slutty best friend of the lead woman (see, it was so good I don’t remember any of their names!).  The only bit I enjoyed (ish) was the boxing bout between Gere and the PT instructor.  And that was brief and far too late to save the film.

Next…. Forrest Gump

forrestYep, that’s right.  It’s not getting better any time soon.  I’ve managed to get through 20 years without having watched this film, despite being able to quote sections of it.  To give it some credit, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.  But my hopes were very low indeed.  It’s painful to watch and has some of the most far-fetched nonsense I’ve heard in my life!  Definitely one to skip if you’ve managed to avoid it like me.

Next…. Chocolat

chocolatMark didn’t want to watch this one either so I was on my own again.  I really liked this!  I had it in my head that I’d read the book but if I have, I either don’t remember it or it’s another story that has been butchered beyond belief by Hollywood.

Jonny Depp was great as the water gypsy.  Juliette Binoche was excellent and an unexpected role (to me) from Judi Dench added an extra dimension.  Brilliant film and one I’d like to watch again.

Next… Brideshead Revisited

briedesheadNow this one I’d definitely read the book and it’s a good job I had as I needed to fill in a few plot gaps for Mark.  I thought the casting in this was brilliant.  Particularly the guy who played Sebastian.  Emma Thompson was perfect as Lady Marchmain adding just the right amount of snootiness.  As always with film adaptations of great books there was a lot missed out but I don’t think it particularly detracted from the story and it’s a very watchable film.

Finally… Harry Brown

harryThe phrase “gritty drama” is probably overused these days but it’s probably the only way to describe this film.  Michael Caine’s disillusioned pensioner sets about cleaning up his community in the only way left open to him.  Stealth and violence.  Not sounding tempting?  It’s very well done and although horrible, it’s not distressingly so.  Definitely worth seeing.


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