Day 380- #8 Watch a film for each year of my life

mrs brown

We’ve had this one sitting around for ages waiting to be watched.  Not because we didn’t fancy it this time, just where we’ve been so busy with the dining room [watch this space!]  But last night we had a rare evening at home together so put the film on.

I vaguely remembered this from when it was released so had an idea of what it was about but Mark was clueless.  We both really enjoyed it.  Judi Dench was brilliant, as always but it was Billy Connolly who really surprised me.  He was very convincing in the role of John Brown.  I didn’t know he was able to do straight acting so well.

It’s a most enjoyable film.  As Mark put it “I know it’s a love story but it doesn’t really seem like one.  It’s better than that”.  Praise indeed!


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