Day 382 – ~61 Decorate the dining room – FINISHED!!!

Ok so the title might have a few too many exclamation marks for the grammar aficionados out there.  But I’ve been waiting 10 months to be able to do this post so I am excited!  I can’t even begin to explain just how excited I am about the dining room being finished.  It’s just made the entire house seem a lot better.  Not only do we have a beautiful room to use, but all the other rooms that were stacked up with dining room “things” are now clear and usable again.  I have a lovely, light & pretty guest bedroom, my sewing room is all rearranged, organised and spacious and my landing is clear.  Yep, clear.  Not seen that in well over a year. So I’m feeling pretty chirpy right now.

So, the dining room.  Here are the pictures – rather more than is probably necessary but I’m feeling shameless 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As you can see, Jay did a great job with the floor.  Mark made a beautiful job of tiling the hearth and installing the fire.  And I did the rest… 😉  No, seriously though I painted the dresser which was a definite labour of love.  Don’t know how long the paintwork will last but time will tell.  And then the final crowning glory was the new dining set.  Gorgeous.


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