Day 497 – #34 Make 5 New Cakes

It was Mark’s birthday yesterday and to celebrate the fact (and also to celebrate the fact I could eat chocolate again!) I made him a birthday cake.  I have a page on pinterest with lots of yummy looking cakes that are way beyond my skill level (house from Up! anyone?!)  But I had pinned a picture of a pig cake that I really fancied having a go at.  The original blog post is here:

There were no instructions with this post at all just this amazing picture.  So I trawled about for a bit and came across a recipe on the BBC Good Food website for a tasty sounding chocolate cake by Lorraine Pascale ( which I filled with black cherries and cream (black forest stylee) and kind of bodged the rest.  For the swimming pool I made a chocolate ganache (400g milk chocolate and 250ml double cream – this made far too much).  The pigs were made out of pink ready to roll icing and I stuck the kit kats on using the ganache as well.  Using the photo from the blog to guide me, this is what I ended up with:

pig cake

Not too far off the original I don’t think.  It was very tasty but really quite sickly.  The boys had a four-finger slice each and us ladies had a two-finger slice each and that was plenty!


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