Day 516 – #49 Build a dog den

I am not sure where I really got the idea for a dog den.  I saw a cubby hole made under kitchen units in a magazine and thought that I could create something similar but didn’t have any spare space in the kitchen.  So it went on the back burner for a bit while the idea turned around in my brain for a bit.  And then it came to me.  I’d make a den out of a chest of drawers.

Now, we already had an old chest of drawers in the kitchen but it was orange pine (yuck) and had really small drawers which weren’t practical.  What I wanted was big drawers at the top to keep all the dog stuff in; leads, poo bags, balls etc.  Then I’d remove the lower drawers and create a bed.

So, first of all I needed a suitable chest of drawers.  Every month I’d look at the auction listings and see if there was anything suitable.  I wanted something light pine or oak to go with the furniture already in the kitchen.  Eventually I found one that looked suitable.  The drawers were a bit battered, but they were the bottom ones so it didn’t matter to me.  I successfully bit £70 at auction and the plan was in motion.

I then bought some pieces of foam from ebay that were delivered cut to size and got some fabric to co-ordinate with the kitchen colour scheme.  And that was where it was left.  For weeks!  I was deliberating with how best to cover the foam.  I wanted the covers to be removable so I could wash them regularly without ruining the foam.  I’m not the best at sewing so really didn’t fancy zips or button holes on all 4 cushions.  After looking through some of my sewing books I found an overlap-style cushion cover (a bit like a pillow case) that I thought would do the trick.  So the project was on again.  I got all the pieces cut out and got sewing!

I then had a little break again while I was waiting to get the velco to attached the pads to the woodwork.  But finally got the den finished this week.  The dogs are using it already and it keeps Malcolm out of my way when I’m cooking dinner.  I think it looks pretty good too 🙂

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