Day 580 – #10 Fill in journal every day for 6 months


Finally completed this one.  To start with I found it ok as I had a lot going on.  My first entry was 28th September, so it covered our October holiday in St Ives which was an excellent week, Toby’s wedding and then Laura’s wedding.  Then came Christmas.  It also covered us finally getting the dining room finished & looking lovely.  It covered my run in with Martin and the meeting with Sean to sort it out.  I read the entire Game of Thrones series of books!  Mum & I started Morris Dancing – which lasted several months before deciding that it really wasn’t for us…  But it did start to become a chore through february & march as I wasn’t doing anything other than going to work & sleeping!  Entries became more sparse and my final entry is 30th March where the highlight of my day was walking the dogs round the field by the river and watching the Only Connect grand final.  Heady stuff.

I don’t think I could keep up a full-time journal.  It ends up being a chore rather than a pleasure.  However, it is nice to look back on records of certain events and to be able to relive them.  So I’m glad I did it, but I’ve very glad it’s finished!


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