Day 580 – #77 Stick to budget for 3 months


Now this was the biggy.  As part of my drive towards leaving work/cutting back hours, I need to be able to spend less money that I have been up until now.  So it seemed appropriate to attempt this challenge.  That is sticking to my budgeted spending of £200 per month.  This is to include fiddle lessons (£12 per week), birthday presents, excursions, fripperies and booze!

Last year I didn’t manage to stick this figure once.  Not once in the whole year.  So it was definitely going to be a challenge.  However, I rose to that challenge and surprised myself.  My totals for the three months were £189.32, £175.68 and £202.91.  Now, the purists amongst you would decry “You went over in March so you failed!” which on the face of it would be true.  In reality, I took out some cash just in case I needed it just before the end of the month and I didn’t spend it.  So although my account said it was gone, I still had it.  A technicality yes but I’m pretty chuffed with myself!  Within those three months I had Mark’s birthday, Albert’s birthday and got my hair coloured.  I also bought 2 cross stitch samplers.  So not too bad at all.

In addition to this, my credit card spending was down to virtually nil instead of the £100 which is budgeted.  Not only that – the good habits seemed to have rubbed off.  As of today, my spending is at £122 for the month!  Just call me frugal 🙂


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