Day 580 – #8 Watch a film for each year of my life


Well, that was over 2 hours of my life I won’t get back.  I know there have been some arguably bad film choices on my list (although all must have been popular in their time….) but this really does take the biscuit for worst film watched so far.  I’m not sure whether the daughter was supposed to be a half-wit.  But at times she certainly behaved like one.  I didn’t warm to Deborah Winger AT ALL in this film.  I don’t think we were supposed to like Shirley MacLaine as her mother – good job, she was horrid too.  The husband, whose name I have forgotten but it was one of those stupid American names like Bud (but not Bud) was an idiot.  And an unfaithful one at that.  Jack Nicholson was horrible as the next door neighbour but did at least bring a little humour to the film.  It was a stellar cast really but just a really crappy storyline.  The ending was rubbish too.  And certainly not a tear-jerker as I was led to believe from reviews.  I was just glad it was all over.  How this was ever nominated for an Oscar is beyond me.  I think, perhaps, I might have missed the point.

Put it this way, the film we got after this was Mark’s choice (so not on my list) and it was better than that.  It was Dawn of Planet of the Apes.  Tells you all you need to know!


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