Day 636 – #29 Go out for 12 meals


Well, I’ve just come back from a lovely week away in Padstow.  Despite a dodgy weather forecast, the week has been mostly glorious sunshine with the odd bit of sea-mist thrown in to keep things fresh.  I am now sporting a beautiful t-shirt tan 🙂

While we were in sunny Padstow we met up with my Auntie Barbara and her partner Rob.  They are slightly more adventurous than us and were camping nearby on a kayaking trip!  We arranged to meet up for something to eat on Monday night and we happened to choose the the Old Custom House.  We came in here last year so we knew it was dog-friendly (to be honest, most of Padstow is – great place!) and as they have to come too it’s just as well.

After we caught up with a major gossip we ordered our food.  I went for Huntsman’s Chicken, Barbara opted for Scampi and the boys both chose Fish Pie.  Unfortunately, they were out of fish pie 😦  So Mark had fish & chips and I think Rob did too.  The food was very tasty.  My only gripe (and it’s a common one with pub food) was the lack of vegetables.  The three fish dishes came with peas only and mine came with a bit of rocket (not a salad, just a bit of rocket).  When you’re eating out for the best part of a week you really start to miss the veg!  Still, it’s meant that I’ve come back desperate to get back into healthy eating.  So that’s not a bad thing!

We had a lovely evening with Barbara & Rob and can’t wait until we are down in Cornwall again. 🙂


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