Day 713 – #14 Try Stand-Up Paddleboarding


I know, doesn’t it look idyllic?!  Needless to say, that’s not us.  And we didn’t go anywhere hot & exotic to try it either.  Instead, for my birthday treat, Mark took me over to one of the lakes at South Cerney for a 2 hour taster session of Stand-Up Paddleboarding.  We’d seen it on Countryfile (old-fart icon required!) and thought it looked like good fun.

When I first got out of the car and saw the lake I *almost* bottled it.  It looked huge, flat & menacing.  We went to meet our instructor Charlotte and got kitted out in our wet-suits.  We then picked up the boards (huge and surprisingly heavy) and our paddles and made our way to the lake-side.  We launched from the wooden pontoon, carefully on our knees to start with.  It was quite breezy so it was  a bit choppy to start with.  We paddle out towards the far side of the lake to where the water was calmer.  This gave a us a chance to get used the paddling action and trying to get our balance.  Once in the calmer area we both stood up and learned various ways of turning the board around.  We then set off around the lake.  We did almost two laps before our time was up.  I didn’t go in the water at all.  Mark went in 5 times!  When we got off the boards our legs were like jelly!  My arm were a bit tired but my stomach muscles weren’t too bad.  I thought they’d have been worse.

It was a great way to exercise.  Very pleasant and peaceful out there on the lake.  It’s definitely something we want to try again.  Maybe in the sea next time….?!


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