Day 756 – #33 Try 50 new recipes

I’ve got another new cookbook!  I know, I know.  As if I don’t have enough already.  But this one is great!  It’s called Inspiralized and I got it from Lakeland of all places.  It’s really good as a lot of the recipes fit in with Primal Eating pretty well.  So we’ve tried a couple out already.   Mark has successfully made Albondigas twice and it was lush.  But I’ve not included that in my challenge as I didn’t make it – so I thought that would be cheating..!

So the first one I made was Chicken & Broccoli frying pan bake (to give it its full title).  My god it was a faff to follow the recipe!  It’s all over the shop.  But I made the same recipe a second time, this time using my own organisation and it worked a lot better.  And created less washing up so win win.  It was basically diced chicken, broccoli florets, broccoli stem spiralized, chicken stock and grated cheese.  What’s not to like?!  The second time I made it I didn’t have enough broccoli stem left so I spiralized a sweet potato and used that instead and it was lovely. Et voila!

photo 2

The second recipe was Bacon Cacio e Pepe.  Dead simple to make and very quick.  Consists of streaky bacon fried off in a pan.  Then garlic & chilli fried off in the remaining oil/fat, add the spiralized courgette and then a load of grated Parmesan.  Mix it all together and top with the crispy bacon.  O.M.G  It’s bloody gorgeous.

photo 1


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