Day 756 – #8 Watch a film for each year of my life

This challenge is becoming a bit of a chore…..  I’ve watched another two from my list.  The first of which is this one:


This didn’t get off to the greatest start because I thought it was the one with Goldie Hawn trying to be a soldier so was expecting a comedy.  It wasn’t.  (That was Private Benjamin in case you were wondering…)  This was a most depressing film about the Vietnam War.  Yes another one.  I’m not the greatest fan of war films *anyway* but this was just awful.  I know it had loads of awards and stuff but I hated it.

The second was this:


This looked a lot more promising.  I knew nothing about it but as the cast list was coming up at the start it was like a Who’s who of British acting.  So it was looking good.  And bits of it were.  James McAvoy was good and I loved Simon Callow’s character.  Michael Sheen was pretty good do.  Not sure of the point of Richard E Grant’s cameo role at all.  It was all just a bit, well, pointless.  And I’m guessing that was the idea behind it – These Bright Young Things lived a pretty vacuous existence – easy come, easy go – money could be won & lost in a heartbeat.  Etc etc.  I dunno.  Maybe I’m not cut out for watching films…..

It was ok.  It didn’t drag and there were some funny bits but not a favourite.


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