Day 820 – #8 Watch a film for each year of my life

Firstly I’ll apologise.  I’ve been neglecting my blog entirely and am starting to realise that there are a lot of things on here that just are not going to get ticked off.  Hey ho, such is life.  I’ll keep chipping away at the ones I can do and start to put a bit more effort it going in to the New Year.

Speaking of chipping away…. I’ve watched another 2 films.  The first of which was not a huge success….

all or nothing

Now, a Mike Leigh film is never going to be all sweetness and light but bloody hell!  This is a seriously depressing and (to me) pointless film.  I’ve read the rave reviews and I cannot see it.  It’s a very dull story about a largely miserable family which drizzles on and on and on and never really gets to any kind of point.  A total waste of time (and very long!)  Even Mark asked me how many more shit films he has to sit through for this challenge 😦

The second film was never going to be a cheery offering either!

wind barley

The Wind the Shakes the Barley is a film largely about the Irish Civil War.  Pitting brother against brother in the fight for an independent Ireland.  Cillian Murphy is excellent.  In fact, all of the acting is very good and convincing.  The English officers are hideous and the retaliation is brutal.  It’s a hard-hitting film.  But unlike All or Nothing, it is compelling viewing and you actually *care* about the people and their future.  Well worth a watch.


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