Day 825 – #27 Go to a Christingle & #28 Go to Midnight Mass (fail!)

On Christmas Eve we went to the Christingle service over at St Paul’s Church.  This had started out with me & Laura taking to Penny to the Christingle.  It ended up with 15 of us going to the service and then coming back to ours afterwards!  It was a really nice gathering consisting of me & Mark, Laura, Luke & Penny, Katie, Alex and all four boys, Mum & Dad and Barbara & Rob.  We all met at ours beforehand (except for Katie’s lot who we met at the church) and had a drink and quick catch up.  Then we made our way over.  The church was absolutely *packed* and we had to sit at the back on extra chairs!  The service itself was a bit odd, but we sang some nice carols and then Mark took Penny up to get her Christingle:

12391411_10153231269286611_5499960732191763396_n (Thanks for the pic Laura!)

We then came back home and had (lots) of drinks.  The boys scattered, either playing on the xbox or watching DVDs and we chatted some more.  It was lovely to see Barbara and Rob again (shame Vicki couldn’t make it though).  Gradually people departed and Mum & Dad left just before 10!  So, brilliant I thought.  Not long to wait for Midnight Mass……

Except that I fell asleep.  And we didn’t make it.  So I can no longer complete that particular challenge as my 101 things will finish before next Christmas.  I’ll have to add it to the next one instead!


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