Day 838 – #4 Play in a Fiddle Session


Ok, so it wasn’t a big session like this…. but a session it was.  With *other people*!  Horror.  I don’t play in front of anyone other than my teacher Ruth and Mark (even then Mark is generally in a different room!) so this was a big deal.  And it’s one that I’ve been putting of for the last few years.  But Ruth’s persistence has finally got through and I said yes to a session at her house.

So on thursday evening I made my way over to Broughton Gifford with fear weighing heavily, admittedly tinged with a bit of excitement.  I needn’t have worried.  To start with it was just me, Ruth and another student of hers – Peter.  We didn’t play any of the reels I’d been madly practising as Peter didn’t know any of them!  So we did some jigs that I learned ages ago (which was a bit of a memory test!)  We were soon joined by another student of Ruth’s – Tim – he’d been having lessons for 4 years but been playing for 40 years on and off!  The speed was fairly relaxed so I didn’t have too many problems keeping up which was a relief.  I also didn’t have to sit out too many tunes.  Tim was a bit of a hornpipe fan too so we rattled a few of those out too, which was great!

It was a great introductory session for me.  It’s boosted my confidence a bit and it’s given me a new skill – being able to drop out and back into a tune without too much trouble.  Whether I’d be able to do that at full speed, I doubt, but it’s a start.  The next plan is to go to a faster session (still at Ruth’s) with some of her more able fiddling friends so that will be a bit more realistic and will be a bigger test of my abilities.

I’m looking forward to it!


5 thoughts on “Day 838 – #4 Play in a Fiddle Session

  1. Well done Debbie. I know this was a big thing for you so really pleased it went well. Looking forward to watching you in the old road soon xxx

  2. Great stuff Debbie. I’d like to hear you one day but I guess it’s quite stressful to begin with. I’m thinking of taking up the guitar soon (and singing to myself). X

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