Day 914 – #Complete The Big Read – Top 100 Books

persuasionNow that’s more like it – a classic that I could get into right from the start!  I absolutely whizzed through this one.  I’ve not read a huge amount of Jane Austen but I do enjoy them.

Anne Elliot is the somewhat put upon second daughter of the feckless Sir Walter Elliott.  His favourite is the eldest daugher Elizabeth and the youngest, Mary, is already married.  Sir Walter despairs of what to do with Anne.  Anne herself is quite happy doing her own thing, until she meets up with the man to whom she was previously engaged (Captain Wentworth).  The quick version of the tale is that they have to both work out whether they made a mistake is splitting up in the first place…..

I love the fact that Austen’s books are easy to read and I find them very funny.  I’m glad that I’d overlooked this one earlier in the list to give me a bit of light relief towards the end!


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