Day 964 – #25 Watch a live band

Fureys-photo-new-1On Wednesday evening I went with Mark & my Mum and Dad to see The Fureys at the Civic Centre in Trowbridge.  It was FANTASTIC!

Mark really wasn’t looking forward to it.  I’d played him a few tracks from The Fureys Finest CD and he wasn’t too impressed.  In fairness, it was when Finbar was still singing a lot of them and he had quite a reedy voice so it’s a bit of an acquired taste.  Mark hadn’t acquired it….

I needn’t have worried though.  Eddie & George (in particular) were brilliant and kept us entertained all evening with their terrific playing, singing and story telling.  We were also treated to some excellent reels from the banjoist and the accordion player.  The speed was unbelievable!  The evening *flew* by and had us all singing along to favourites such as “Red Rose Cafe”, “Sweet Sixteen” and “Green Fields of France”.  But I think my favourite of the night was The Lonesome Boatman.  Try it for yourself:



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