Day 974 – #33 Try 50 new recipes

Today, I have been cooking!  As boring at it is, I’m still suffering with my colitis and I came home early from work because I just couldn’t concentrate with the pain and the loo trips.  So, to take my mind off my troubles I decided to bake!

I was browsing through my Baking Magic book that Lucy bought me for some inspiration.  My friend Toby is coming home from Australia at the weekend and I’m going to make him a “Welcome Home” cake.  I didn’t really get anywhere with that decision but decided I’d make some biscuits in the meantime.  I don’t eat biscuits generally but I saw the recipe for ginger biscuits, had all the ingredients and well, they’re medicinal aren’t they?  Ginger is supposed to be good for bad tummies isn’t it?
IMG_0063They didn’t really work…..  I obviously went wrong somewhere but I’m not sure how.  The “dough” was more like breadcrumbs – I had nowhere near enough liquid.  I kept adding more wet until it just came together but it was still a bit dry.  You can see that they’ve cracked (and they got a bit burnt!) where they weren’t wet enough.  They were also REALLY strong.  I wasn’t too impressed.  I’ll have to give them another go.

The other biscuits I tried to make (in Toby’s honour!) were Anzac biscuits.  Originally made by Australian & NZ women in the war they contain both coconut and oats and are a doddle to make.  Now these worked.  And they taste fantastic!  There’s no way this batch will last until Toby gets here so I’ll have to make some more for him 🙂


I had a new recipe planned for dinner too.  I meant to make it last night but I forgot to take the chicken out of the freezer so we had it this evening instead.  I have a little recipe book that I’d forgotten about called 101 One Pot meals.  I regularly cook a few things from it so rarely bother getting the book out.  I had a browse through it and wanted to try the Chicken & Spring Vegetable Stew.
IMG_0064This was lovely.  It’s pretty low in calories too – so win, win!  The chicken is pan-fried then you add some thinly sliced new potatoes and chicken stock.  Cook for 10 minutes and reduce the stock down.  Add spring vegetables (I used courgette, green beans & peas but the recipe suggested broccoli and broad beans too) and cook for a few more minutes.  Stir through a spoonful of creme fraiche and some tarragon and there you are!  Bloody gorgeous.  I’ll definitely be making this one again…..


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