Day 901 – #7 Complete the BBC Big Read Top 100 books

gormenghastOh yeah!  That’s the penultimate book on my list.  I bought the whole trilogy and read Titus Groan first.  I’m glad I did (although that was massive too!) as it meant I knew the background to all the characters.  I think I would have been mightily confused if I’d only read Gormenghast.

This continues Titus’ accession as the heir of Gormenghast and the threat to the House of Groan.  Luckily for Titus he has a host of people looking out for him and the honour of the house and they all come together to defeat the threat amongst them.

It’s a great book actually and I will read the third book in the series when I get a spare moment.  But for now…… War & Peace!


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