Day 917 – #44 Draw a self portrait

I’ve been putting this one off for a long time.  I used to love drawing when I was younger and several years ago I did a Drawing & Painting for Beginners course at college which was brilliant.  But I never seem to find the time to actually *do* it.  I have so many other hobbies and interests that it just falls by the wayside.  When I put this one on the list I was convinced that I would be able to produce something credible.  I even bought some books on painting portraits!  (Any excuse for a new book….)

When it came down to it though, I knew it would be rubbish.  I can do still lifes reasonably well.  But portraits are another matter entirely.  I can’t do it.  So I put it off and off and off.  Until I remembered a task we’d been set at college, which was to produce a drawing in just 15 minutes.  That was of my hand but I thought I’d apply the same principle.  At least then it would be done and I wouldn’t spend ages agonising over one tiny bit.

I don’t have many mirrors in my house and those that I do have are fixed to the wall.  So I ended up standing in the spare room with nothing to rest my pad on!  I realise I am making excuses before I even start….  I was in two minds whether to even post this as I know it’s terrible and I have a proper, proper artist who reads this blog who will be in stitches laughing at this effort.  So Rob, try and keep your sniggering to a minimum 🙂

Here it is (and yes, it was supposed to be me although you’d never know it! It’s my “concentrating” face):


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