Day 977 – #7 Complete the BBC Big Read Top 100 Books – FINISHED!

warFanfare please!  I have finally finished War & Peace and as such have completed all 100 books from the BBC Big Read project.  It turned out to be a bit of a mammoth undertaking in the end.  Mainly because some of the books were just huge.

War & Peace was better than I expected.  It took some getting into, mainly because of the huge number of characters.  But once I had those figured out I quite enjoyed the story.  As Tolstoy tends to do, there was a lot of unnecessary opinion on wars in general and how they should/shouldn’t be fought.  But it was nowhere near as tedious as the farming methods in Anna Karenina!  Don’t be put off by the size of the book (I read it on a kindle in the end as it was less depressing!  Although – it was 12 pages, roughly, for each percentage of the book….)  It’s a good story and you do end up caring about the characters.  Particularly Pierre – he was my favourite.

Understandably I didn’t like all of the books.  Some in particular I cannot believe that people seriously believe are the best book ever written.  (Catch 22 I’m looking at you!)  But I loved some that I would never have picked up normally.  Clan of the Cave Bear was a particular favourite.  Although it wasn’t covered in this blog I adored the Shell Seekers and am now a huge Rosamund Pilcher fan.  I loved Brideshead Revisited, A Town like Alice, The Woman in White – loads of them.  There are some cracking books on that list so maybe give it a try?  You might just be surprised… 🙂



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