Day 992 – #56 Make an origami dachshund

So I was on a crafty streak.  I decided I’d finally give an origami dachshund a try.  I found a set of instructions on the ever helpful pinterest that didn’t look totally impossible and printed them off.  This is them:
img_0175Looks pretty straight forward, yes?  I thought so.  Until I actually looked at them with a flimsy square of paper in my hand…..  Then they didn’t seem to make any sense at all!  I could really have done with my sister being on hand for this one – she used to be able to make all sorts of weird and wonderful things out of origami.  I battled my way through, I think correctly, until the last stage to make the head.  It didn’t work at all.  I could make the pocket fold ok but it didn’t make the right shape?  I can’t figure it out.  But this is what I ended up with:

I don’t think it looks massively like a dachshund.  But then to be honest, I don’t think the one in the instructions looks much like a dachshund either!  Certainly not like either of my two….  Will have to try again and see if I can crack the head properly.  Origami – not a strong point of mine!!


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