Day 1001 – #101 Open a bottle of Champagne to celebrate the end of the challenge

img_0189So that’s it!  All over for another 2 and a bit years.  The end of the Day Zero Challenge.

I didn’t manage to complete a whopping 35 things on my list.  Which is a teeny bit embarrassing.  Mainly due being virtually house-bound for the last 8 months!  With that in mind, I will be donating the £35 for #90 to Crohns & Colitis in the vain hope that they might one day find a cure…..

I haven’t decided whether I will do another challenge yet.  This is the second time I’ve done the Day Zero project (original was here: as it’s a great way to focus on goals/trying new things/longer-term resolutions.  I think I’ll have a bit of a break first though and try and get a bit better first.

Thanks to all of you who have read/commented/liked my blog posts.  I’m not a great one for social media/self-promotion so it’s a bit weird to thing that other people are reading my random ramblings.  But I’ve appreciated all of the feedback.  I’m now off to quaff Champagne and watch the Bake Off.  Cheers!


Day 644 – #94 Donate 101 things to charity – Completed!

oxfam I’ve been really busy in the house this weekend.  Yesterday was spent in the garden as the weather was so nice.  We weeded the veg patch and down the side of the path and managed to clear alot of the weeds from the gravelled area.  (I cannot WAIT until I never have to weed that bloody gravel again – not long now!)  I also had a mammoth floor-cleaning session downstairs so the house was all clean and shiny this morning when we woke up and the weather was foul.  Typical!

Anyway, I decided it was long past time that I sorted out my summer clothes and packed away my winter stuff.  I know I posted about this before after my “colours” session and waxed lyrical about how I cleared out my entire wardrobe.  Well this time I was properly ruthless.  I got rid of anything I wouldn’t wear again, no matter how much I liked it.  And I had a little separate pile of clothes that are too tight but I really like.  If they are still too tight when I do my wardrobe again in late autumn then they will be thrown out too.

My wardrobe is looking a LOT emptier but hopefully it should all be stuff that gets worn now!  As a result I have got rid of another 48 items of clothing, 2 pairs of shoes, 4 belts and a hideous silver bag I got free from La Redoute.  These items are in my boot and will be dropped off at the Oxfam clothes bank tomorrow on my way home from work 🙂

Day 523 – #94 Donate 101 things to charity


I’ve had another sort out through my wardrobe.  I know, again!  You’d think I’d be happy with it by now but sadly not.  You know when you get that feeling of “I’ve got nothing to wear” even though you’ve plenty?  Well that’s how I’ve been about my work clothes.

De-cluttering experts recommend turning your hangers round the wrong way and then when you’ve worn something put it back the right way round.  Then you can see which things you never wear.  Well that wouldn’t work for me for a few reasons.  Firstly, having my hangers round the wrong way first thing in the morning when I’m still asleep is likely to send me into a rage.  Secondly, I know I have things that I hardly ever wear but want to keep.  What I geekily call “Going out” tops need to be there for the very rare occasion that I go “out”.  There would be no point in throwing it away.  I also have a load of running stuff that I keep hold of, just in case I ever start running again.  It’s expensive to buy so I’ll keep hold of it for now.

However, I have managed to winkle out 18 items of clothing that I am not going to wear again.  Either too small (sob), deeply unflattering or just past its best they are out of there!  I really ought to crack on with my capsule wardrobe items but that can wait for another day and another blog post….

Day 285 – #Donate 101 Items to Charity

IMG_0503 IMG_0511

I am one of those weird people who sorts my wardrobe out seasonally.  I may have mentioned it before.  But it keeps my wardrobes slightly less cluttered.  It also means I get the joy of discovering favourite items again.  Plus it means that twice I year I get ruthless with my clothing.  This autumn was no exception.  I got rid of *anything* I’d not worn at all throughout the summer.  And anything that was in my winter stuff that I no longer liked.  With a net result of 35 garments towards my charity count along with 9 pairs of shoes.  Some of which, to my shame, I’ve never worn.  You know how it is… you see something you like the look of but never really have the opportunity to wear it.  Well I’m quite bad with shoes.  I love the look of them but then can’t walk in them.  So I’ve been ruthless with those too.  Some of them are just beyond their best so they’ve had it too.  I’m feeling quite cleansed 🙂  And have plenty of space for some new things….