Day 1001 – #101 Open a bottle of Champagne to celebrate the end of the challenge

img_0189So that’s it!  All over for another 2 and a bit years.  The end of the Day Zero Challenge.

I didn’t manage to complete a whopping 35 things on my list.  Which is a teeny bit embarrassing.  Mainly due being virtually house-bound for the last 8 months!  With that in mind, I will be donating the £35 for #90 to Crohns & Colitis in the vain hope that they might one day find a cure…..

I haven’t decided whether I will do another challenge yet.  This is the second time I’ve done the Day Zero project (original was here: as it’s a great way to focus on goals/trying new things/longer-term resolutions.  I think I’ll have a bit of a break first though and try and get a bit better first.

Thanks to all of you who have read/commented/liked my blog posts.  I’m not a great one for social media/self-promotion so it’s a bit weird to thing that other people are reading my random ramblings.  But I’ve appreciated all of the feedback.  I’m now off to quaff Champagne and watch the Bake Off.  Cheers!


Day 980 – #52 Create a birthday book

img_0154Finally got around to doing this one.  I now have the birthdays of my nearest & dearest in my little book.  Not only the dates, the actual birthdates too so I will no longer have to be sending texts like “Albert *is* 7 tomorrow isn’t he?” each time a birthday comes round!

Should make life a bit easier anyway. 🙂

Day 977 – #15 See if I can still do a carthwheel & handstand

cartwheelWhile we were in Sidmouth, walking the dogs on the recreation ground, I had a sudden mad urge to give this a try.  There is no photographic evidence as Mark couldn’t bring himself to watch, let alone take a picture….

It wasn’t hugely successful!  My wrists are not as strong as they once were.  I completed the cartwheel, ending up on my bottom!  My brand new watch caught and dug a hole out of my wrist, which was a bit painful.  The handstand is probably best left unsaid.

The short answer is no, I can’t!

Day 963 – #20 Go for a picnic in the park

Last weekend I met a group of my friends in my local park for a picnic.  We try and meet up every few months just to keep on track with each other.  Unfortunately Lucy couldn’t make it but Kim & Megan came with little Oliver, who’s not so little any more!  Rach, Alex & Ethan were there too as were Katie & Tom.  And then me & Esther made up the gang.  The weather wasn’t great but it didn’t rain!  And the band started playing just before I left too.

We had a really nice time and it was good to meet somewhere other than Allington Farm Shop for once!  I took a few random snaps (and I mean random!) but didn’t get many as I was too busy nattering.

IMG_0130 IMG_0131 IMG_0132

Day 921 – #93 Do something for charity

When I put this one on the list I had grand visions of me doing something amazing and being sponsored for charity.  Given the decline of my health over this year, that’s not going to happen for this blog!  Maybe the next one?!?

So I had a think about what else I could do that would make a tangible difference.  And I came up with this:

Mark and I are both members of the Wilts & Berks Canal Trust and have already invested some money in the purchase and restoration of The Peterborough Arms (more info here:  The Trust is gathering momentum and things are progressing all over the length of the restoration, particularly at Pewsham Locks, The PA pub and the Melksham Planning Link has finally navigated the multitude of environmental studies to proceed with the planning application.

So when an appeal was made to purchase a specific length of canal to help with joining up the new Melksham link as far as Lacock I felt I should contribute.  This will help to open a signifcant stretch of the canal and, crucially, will link up to the Kennet & Avon and its captive audience of boaters.  It’s a terrific opportunity.  So I made a large (for me!) donation and also set up a standing order to the ongoing Land Fund.  This second part was almost as important as the first.  If every member of the trust pledged just £10 per month as I have done, then the Trust would be a long way towards having the funds available when these opportunities arise.

Of course, if this post can encourage anyone else to join the Trust and support the magnificent, ongoing work then you can do so here:

17 Canal view

Day 838 – #21 Go to a pantomime


Another beautifully focused picture from my iphone!
On Christmas Bank Holiday Monday Mark and I went to the Theatre Royal in Bath to watch this year’s panto – Jack and the Beanstalk.  {oh no you didn’t! – oh yes we did!}
Mark wasn’t really looking forward to it, but I was.  The only thing I was a little unsure of was the fact that Chris Harris (panto dame extraordinaire and producer of Bath panto) was no longer with us and so it would be a new dame (Nick Wilton – previous fame as market inspector in Eastenders!) and a new production.  Chris Harris was amazing so it was going be a tough act to follow.

Nick Wilton was *brilliant*!  He absolutely stole the show.  Jon Monie played his usual role of simpleton (Simple Simon this year – brother of the eponymous Jack) and was excellent.  He and Nick carried the whole performance beautifully.  Nigel Havers was Baron Fleshcreep and was great in his own, inimitable fashion.  He corpsed quite a few times (not the only one!) and had quite a few adlib quips that went down well.  I think he was actually too nice & handsome for the villain but he did well.

Jack, Jill, the King & the forest fairy were fairly forgettable.  The fairy was played by (apparently) a CBeebies Star called Katy Ashworth who went down well with the kids in the audience.  The cow – Daisy – was the most glamorous pantomime cow I’ve ever seen!  She got a great reception everytime she came on stage.

There was masses of singing, dancing, audience participation and lots and lots of laughs.  It was well worth watching and I’m glad we went.

11568752-large                            bath-panto-2015-jack-and-the-beanstalk