Day 882 – #8 Finally finished!!!

golden pondAnd what a nice film to finish on ūüôā¬† Nothing weird or violent or horrible.¬† Well, Norman was a bit horrible – but in a very funny way.¬† A man after my own heart you might say.

On Golden Pond is about an elderly couple in their summer house.¬† They agree to look after their daughter’s new step-son-to-be for the summer.¬† Norman is a curmudgeonly man who is getting old and doesn’t like it.¬† Billy Ray is a street-wise teen who’s sick of being dumped on other people.¬† They initially rub each other up the wrong way but end up getting on like a house on fire (literally at one point!).

The daughter (played by Henry Fonda’s own daughter, Jane) has never got along with her father and finds it difficult to accept that Billy Ray has succeeded where she has failed.¬† Probably one of my favourite bits is where Ethel (Katharine Hepburn) tells her daughter she has a chip on her shoulder about her Dad and to get over it!¬† Most refreshing.

This is a very gentle, slow-paced film and was perfect Sunday night viewing.  Most enjoyable.


Day 604 – #8 Watch a film for each year of my life – 2 more crossed off!

rain manOk, so first up was Rain Man.¬† I had no idea what this film was about.¬† Not a clue.¬† So it started off with Tom Cruise in his seemingly obligatory rich brat role.¬† Obnoxious to say the least.¬† When his estranged father dies he meets his previously unknown autistic brother Raymond.¬† They go off on an unlikely road trip and Tom Cruise turns out to be nice after all.¬† It’s a predictable plot line but the film is very good.¬† Lots of laugh out loud moments.¬† Several “Oh no, please don’t” moments (casino!) but a thoroughly enjoyable film.¬† Mark tells me that Dustin Hoffman got an Oscar for his performance as Raymond and I’d say it was well deserved.

footlooseTwo days later Footloose appeared in the post.¬† Mark had no desire to watch this one again so I put it on while he was out.¬† You’ll not be surprised to read that I had no idea what this was about.¬† In my mind it was like a version of Fame with Kevin Bacon!¬† It wasn’t quite like that but basically city-boy groover Kevin moved to the arse-end of beyond where dancing (along with most other things) was against the law.¬† The town preacher patrolled the streets making sure no-one broke the rules.¬† Unfortunately his daughter was colluding with said groover to put on a town dance.¬† There is the usual, predictable small-town meat-head who resents the new-comer and various scuffles contrive against Kevin in his quest to dance.¬† I’ll leave it up to you to guess as to whether he gets his happy ending….