Day 872 – #33 Try 50 new recipes

photo 1 photo 2Following on from our meal out in Swanage the other week ( I decided to try and recreate something similar to the amazing Shepherd’s Pie that I had.

I had some diced beef in the freezer along with some mince from my last muscle food box.  So I fried that off and put it in a pan, along with some diced carrot, parsnip, onion and celery.  I added beef stock and red wine and left it to simmer for the Ireland rugby game (so about an hour and a half).  For the topping I diced swede, sweet potato and white potato and then, once cooked, I mashed half of it and “crushed” the other half.  It all smelled amazing.  I then put it in the oven topped with a bit of grated cheese.  The finished result is the picture on the far left.  I have to say it was bloody gorgeous.  As you can see I made several helpings!

If I was going to do anything differently I’d probably add more grated cheese to the topping and mix it in rather than having it sitting on the top.  I’d also make some spare red-wine gravy just to add a bit more wet.  All in all – a great success!