Day 982 – #34 Try 5 new cakes

I don’t make enough cakes.  Or so I am told.  That is because I don’t really eat cake.  So it seems a bit pointless to make lots of them with only Mark to eat them.  However, he is NOT of the same opinion and is quite happy to eat a lot of cake!  He mentioned a colleague of his who always brings in a slice of “A cup of tea cake” (imagine in a dull, Georgie accent) – it’s cake with a cup of tea in it.  That’s what Mark wanted so that’s what I’ve made!
img_0161I got this recipe from the Good to Know website.  It’s very basic and doesn’t give a lot of instruction – not even which size loaf tin to use! (2lb if you’re wondering) but it’s delicious.  And goes very nicely with a cup of tea and a wedge of butter.  Bootiful!


Day 272 – #22 Go out for Afternoon Tea

On my birthday, way back in August, Mark took me to the Pump Rooms in Bath for a very swish Afternoon Tea. If you’ve never been to the Pump Rooms you really should. They are beautiful. It’s an amazing setting. TOP TIP – Definitely book! Luckily, Mark did and we were whizzed past the huge queue of people waiting to get in.
They had a trio of musicians accompanying and they were excellent. We had a pianist, a cellist and a violinist, who I watched with great envy! She made it look so effortless (and I know it isn’t!)

Anyway, on to the food….
Firstly we had a selection of finger sandwiches. We had cream cheese & spring onion, ham & cucumber and Mark had egg for his third and I had houmous with cucumber. After that we had one fruit and one plain scone each with plenty of cream & jam. The scones were enormous and by the time we’d finished those we were pretty full up! However, we had to try the little fancy cakes too….
We had one mango & coconut thing which Mark had. Then there was a chocolate mousse thing that I ate (gorgeous). Mark had the coffee macaron (not keen). Then I had the caramel profiterole (well it was *my* birthday!)

We rolled out of there full to bursting point and very happy. It’s not the cheapest afternoon tea in the world (no surprise there) but it was well worth the £24 I thought.
Would definitely recommend it for a special occasion 🙂