Day 984 – #34 Make 5 new cakes – Completed!

img_0164 As I said yesterday, I have a lot of beetroot in the veg patch still.  I do like beetroot but there’s a limit to how much of it you can eat in any one go.  So I thought I’d try a beetroot cake and see how that went.

These are Chocolate & Beetroot muffins from a recipe I found on the BBC Food website (

The recipe is dead easy to follow and uses oil instead of butter for a change.  It makes an enormous quantity and I got 19 large muffins out of a recipe that supposedly makes 12!  I just need to dust them with icing sugar now and take them round to my nephew’s birthday tea party.  Save me & Mark scoffing the lot – they are very tasty!

So that’s all my cakes completed.  I just need to work on 10 more recipes and that will be my cooking challenges done.  Hurrah!


Day 497 – #34 Make 5 New Cakes

It was Mark’s birthday yesterday and to celebrate the fact (and also to celebrate the fact I could eat chocolate again!) I made him a birthday cake.  I have a page on pinterest with lots of yummy looking cakes that are way beyond my skill level (house from Up! anyone?!)  But I had pinned a picture of a pig cake that I really fancied having a go at.  The original blog post is here:

There were no instructions with this post at all just this amazing picture.  So I trawled about for a bit and came across a recipe on the BBC Good Food website for a tasty sounding chocolate cake by Lorraine Pascale ( which I filled with black cherries and cream (black forest stylee) and kind of bodged the rest.  For the swimming pool I made a chocolate ganache (400g milk chocolate and 250ml double cream – this made far too much).  The pigs were made out of pink ready to roll icing and I stuck the kit kats on using the ganache as well.  Using the photo from the blog to guide me, this is what I ended up with:

pig cake

Not too far off the original I don’t think.  It was very tasty but really quite sickly.  The boys had a four-finger slice each and us ladies had a two-finger slice each and that was plenty!

Day 497 – #80 Give up chocolate for one month & #81 Give up facebook for one month


Some people do a dry January, some people go on a diet, some people join a gym to get fit.  I decided to give up chocolate & facebook for January.  Giving up facebook was actually quite easy after the first day or so.  It seemed to be a habit that I fell out of just as quickly as I fell in to it.  I didn’t really miss it and it seems I didn’t miss much while I was away (everyone was clearly too busy giving up booze to have a good time!)

Chocolate on the other hand was much harder.  Which was weird, given that I hadn’t really been eating chocolate until Christmas.  But because I’d eaten a lot over the Christmas period I really, really missed it.  Really missed it.  Like lots and lots.  (Am I emphasising this enough?!)  And the bad consequence of that was that I ate lots of sweets to compensate.  Which means that I put on weight and am finding it really hard to get back into primal eating.  Which means that my stomach issues are all over the place and my body is not happy right now.

So.  There is a lesson to be learned here…… don’t give up chocolate – ever again!!!