Day 1001 – #101 Open a bottle of Champagne to celebrate the end of the challenge

img_0189So that’s it!  All over for another 2 and a bit years.  The end of the Day Zero Challenge.

I didn’t manage to complete a whopping 35 things on my list.  Which is a teeny bit embarrassing.  Mainly due being virtually house-bound for the last 8 months!  With that in mind, I will be donating the £35 for #90 to Crohns & Colitis in the vain hope that they might one day find a cure…..

I haven’t decided whether I will do another challenge yet.  This is the second time I’ve done the Day Zero project (original was here: as it’s a great way to focus on goals/trying new things/longer-term resolutions.  I think I’ll have a bit of a break first though and try and get a bit better first.

Thanks to all of you who have read/commented/liked my blog posts.  I’m not a great one for social media/self-promotion so it’s a bit weird to thing that other people are reading my random ramblings.  But I’ve appreciated all of the feedback.  I’m now off to quaff Champagne and watch the Bake Off.  Cheers!