Day 872 – #45 Complete 3 cross stitch pictures – COMPLETE!


I can finally reveal my final cross stitch picture for this challenge!  It’s been finished for a while but didn’t want to post until the recipient had seen it.

This was a real labour of love.  Due to the mammoth size of this one I struggled to get into it.  It sat mournfully on my cross stitch stand with just one lion & two monkeys completed for over a year.  Mocking me.  Guilt-tripping me.  Nagging away at my conscience.  Then in Feb last year (on Penny’s first birthday in fact) I thought I really have to get on with this or give up on it altogether.  Obviously the latter was not an option so I had to crack on.  Once I got back into it I found it ok and I made steady progress.  I had a break over the summer (too much going on in the garden) but once the nights drew in, I was stitching like a demon to get it finished!

It was finally completed in December and I took it off to the framers immediately  (mainly to get it out of my sight!).  I picked it up last weekend and handed it over to Penny on her birthday yesterday.  I think she liked it.  She certainly liked the bubble wrap around the edges!

I’m really pleased with the end result.  It’s the biggest picture I’ve ever completed (including Henry VIII and his six wives!) and I think it looks great.


Day 616 – #45 Complete 3 cross-stitch pictures


This first picture I did for my friend Hayley from work.  Her little girl Florence was born bang on time which I wasn’t expecting at ALL and so was nowhere near ready.  Luckily it was a couple of weeks before I met up with them to hand this one over so I just about made it in time.


This picture was for one of my oldest friends, Kim and her wife Megan.  Oliver was born *early*!  Which was cheating.  And because he was so close to Florence I was nowhere near ready with his.  It took some demon stitching and some last minute framing to get this one ready for our first meeting.