Day 998 – #33 50 New recipes – finally completed!

img_0186For my final recipe I wanted a bit of comfort food.  All my stuff recently has been fairly healthy (by necessity rather than choice, I have to say!) and I thought it was about time for something a bit naughty.  Having been watching bake off, I thought about maybe a cake or something batter-y after batter week.  But then my eye fell on this book….
Hands up who’s got one of these bad boys on their kitchen shelf?  Or remember your mum having one?  I thought so.  This one belonged to Mark and came with him when we moved in together.  I mainly only use it for cooking egg-y things which I can never remember the timings of but I was taken by the picture of the pie on the front.  I started having a browse.  I didn’t really fancy the pie recipe but I came across a recipe for Cornish Pasties and that sealed the deal.

This was how they looked before they went in the oven and then after:

img_0185 img_0187 So, my crimping leaves a LOT to be desired!  I think that might be why they ended up a little bit dry inside?  I have another two still in the fridge and will make sure they are sealed up really tightly before cooking them to see if it makes a difference.  And I will definitely be adding extra gravy this time too….

They tasted really nice and it was a good recipe to finish on – I could almost hear the seagulls…..