Day 951 – #33 Try 50 new recipes

I’m a little bit behind here so bear with me.  A few weeks ago my Mum gave me some gooseberries out her garden.  Now, I do like gooseberries but I do find them a bit sour.  So I decided to make them into a fool….

IMG_0120I did a quick google search for a recipe to get an idea of quantities.  Some recipes use only custard, some only cream and others use a bit of both.  Being a pig, I went for that option!  Firstly I stewed the gooseberries with a bit of sugar until they were soft, then I pureed them.  Then I lightly whipped some double cream, mixed it into some custard and then swirled the gooseberry puree through them both.

Oh my goodness, it was bloody gorgeous.  Very sickly but luckily I’d made small portions so it was manageable.  Sadly, it *really* didn’t agree with my tummy but that’s not really surprising – nothing does!



And on that note……

IMG_0126I am now following the low FODMAP plan to try and give my tummy a bit of a break.  It’s designed primarily for IBS sufferers and the idea is that you don’t eat any foods that can’t be broken down by the small bowel.  That way, they don’t travel undigested into your large bowel and cause all the issues.  I am on my fourth day on the plan so far and I can’t say it’s worked miracles, but I do feel less bloated.  So I’ll keep at it and hope that combined with my medication I’ll start to see a real improvement.  This recipe is from the FODMAP diet book – Cream of Parsnip & Potato soup.  It’s parsnip & potato (I know, what a shock!) cooked in chicken stock until soft.  Then almond milk added along with some crumbled feta cheese and then whizzed up with a blender.  It’s quite nice actually – the feta makes it nice and creamy and it’s a nice alternative to my normal veggie soup which I can’t eat because it has onions & leeks in it!


IMG_0127Dinner this evening was Chicken Enchiladas.  I’ve never eaten these before.  I’m not really into spicy food and have never been to a Mexican restaurant or anything so this was a step into the unknown.  It was born out of a desire not to waste stuff.  Mark bought corn tortillas a while ago by mistake and they’ve been lurking in the pantry.  I discovered that they were allowable on the FODMAP plan so I decided I’d try the recipe on the back of the packet.  I couldn’t buy the El Paso spice mix as directed because it has onion & garlic in it, which is *strictly* forbidden.  So google came to my rescue again….  I found a dry spice mix recipe and left out the onion powder, garlic powder and cumin (I didn’t have any) and had to substitute crushed chillis for mild chilli powder.  I used half the amount but it was a bit on the strong side even so!  It turned out really nicely, if a bit dry.  The recipe used tomato puree which didn’t really seem to make a saucy enough sauce.  So I have the other half of the packet to use later in the week and I might try making it with tinned tomatoes instead and see if that improves it.  Even so, it was a tasty dinner and Mark really enjoyed it so I think it’s something we’d have again.  Provided my tummy agrees!


Day 656 – #63 Finish bottom area of garden – update

We have been working like demons in the garden, particularly in the bottom end.  Since having the patio done last year we have had a renewed vigour for “getting on”

It started in May when we had a week off and a skip to fill with unwanted rubble & soil.  This is how it looked at the beginning of that week:

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We cleared loads, burned loads, went to the recycle centre, moved tonnes of soil and ended up with this:

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We were then in the unprecedented position of being able to order our shed and the stuff to do the decking and the stuff to do the last two veg beds.  These aren’t finished yet but as you can see, we are making significant progress….

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Sorry for the copious amount of photos but I’m delighted with how things are coming along.  All being well, we should get the rest of the bottom area finished by the end of this year.  Which would be amazing!  Watch this space…..