Day 990 – #33 Try 50 new recipes

img_0170Aaarrrgh!  Day 990 – I am running rapidly out of time!  Another new recipe for dinner this evening.  This is from the first Lean in 15 book (the red one) by Joe Wicks and is called Mighty Duck Noodles.

It.was.amazing.   I really hope this one agrees with my tummy as I would definitely eat this again.  I used the recipe for one portion between the two of us and as you can see, it was plenty….

This is stir-fried duck with broccoli, spring onions, 5 spice powder and hoisin sauce.  Mixed up together with noodles and topped with cucumber batons.  It’s like a yummier, lighter, more comforting version of crispy duck.  No doubt it’s much healthier too!  Definitely a winner this one.


Day 636 – #78 Find 10 Quotes to Inspire Me

Stop eating crap

As I said in my previous post, I have been eating out for the last week and am sick to death of rubbish food.  Mark & I have both come back with a renewed vigour for healthy eating (Primal for me and eating less crap for him!).  I stumbled across this mighty saying on Pinterest (where else?) and thought it highly appropriate.  I have now printed it off and stuck in on the larder in the kitchen.

8 weeks til the next holiday so here goes…..