Day 882 – #8 Finally finished!!!

golden pondAnd what a nice film to finish on ūüôā¬† Nothing weird or violent or horrible.¬† Well, Norman was a bit horrible – but in a very funny way.¬† A man after my own heart you might say.

On Golden Pond is about an elderly couple in their summer house.¬† They agree to look after their daughter’s new step-son-to-be for the summer.¬† Norman is a curmudgeonly man who is getting old and doesn’t like it.¬† Billy Ray is a street-wise teen who’s sick of being dumped on other people.¬† They initially rub each other up the wrong way but end up getting on like a house on fire (literally at one point!).

The daughter (played by Henry Fonda’s own daughter, Jane) has never got along with her father and finds it difficult to accept that Billy Ray has succeeded where she has failed.¬† Probably one of my favourite bits is where Ethel (Katharine Hepburn) tells her daughter she has a chip on her shoulder about her Dad and to get over it!¬† Most refreshing.

This is a very gentle, slow-paced film and was perfect Sunday night viewing.  Most enjoyable.